The Global Technology Revolution, China, In-depth Analyses

The Global Technology Revolution, China, In-depth Analyses

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In 2007, the Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA) and one of its administrative zones, the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA), in northeast China commissioned the RAND Corporation to perform a technology-foresight study to help them develop and implement a strategic vision and plan for economic growth through technological innovation. The principal objectives were to identify the most-promising emerging technology applications for TBNA and TEDA to pursue as part of their plan for growth, to analyze the drivers and barriers they would face in each case, and to recommend action plans for each technology application (TA). Seven TAs should form a pivotal part of TBNA's comprehensive strategic plan: cheap solar energy; advanced mobile communications and radio-frequency identification; rapid bioassays; membranes, filters, and catalysts for water purification; molecular-scale drug design, development, and delivery; electric and hybrid vehicles; and green manufacturing. The specific action plans can be integrated into an overarching strategic plan that rests on three legs: building a state-of-the-art R a D program; updating and expanding TBNA and TEDA's manufacturing base; and positioning TBNA and TEDA for the global marketplace. The plan offers TBNA a wealth of opportunities that will position it for the future development it envisions, and each TA emerges from one or more of TEDA's current pillar industries, making for a fluid transition that builds on existing strengths.In the first two months of 2008, sales of SUVs increased 38 percent, and sales of luxury cars were up 30 percent from ... Given recent increases in oil prices and the prospect that they will rise still higher, the Chinese government is pushing automakers to reduce fuel consumption, either through electric or hybrid ... There are 800 million vehicles in use in China today. ... With the success of the Toyota Prius hybrid well established in the United States, the worlda#39;s automakers have beenanbsp;...

Title:The Global Technology Revolution, China, In-depth Analyses
Author:Richard S. Silberglitt, Anny Wong, S. R. Bohandy
Publisher:Rand Corporation - 2009


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