The Globalization of Israel

The Globalization of Israel

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This book focuses on how globalization is impacting contemporary Israel. It is a concise and originally argued introduction to Israel, but the author, Uri Ram, is careful to frame his analysis in a broader discussion of Israeli history and broader social currents. Focusing in particular on two defining a€“ and conflicting a€“ contemporary trends; one toward advanced liberal democracy with a cosmopolitan edge, and the other toward ethno-religious traditionalism and rejection of the secularism associated with market driven globalization. The cosmopolitan, high-tech driven city of Tel Aviv represents the former trend, and Jerusalem a€“ a city increasingly dominated by orthodox Jews a€“ represents the latter. Using Benjamin Barber's Jihad versus McWorld thesis to good effect, Ram's book will stand as an ideal introduction to contemporary Israel and its place in the world.McWorld in Tel Aviv, Jihad in Jerusalem Uri Ram ... Thus between1994 and2005, the number ofemployees inthe textile industryfell from43, 500 to 18, 700. ... in employment rates of academic and scientific professions, free professions ( managerial and technical), and service professions. Therewas simultaneously a drop inclerical professions, skilled farmlabor, and construction and unskilledmanual labor.

Title:The Globalization of Israel
Author:Uri Ram
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-10-18


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