The Golden Donut and Restaurant

The Golden Donut and Restaurant

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Hector Huerta, baby boomer, idealist, night security guard, military brat, lives in Central Square, Cambridge, a colorful and diverse community that is changing day by day. Reflecting on how little he has to show for his forty years, he wanders through a cityscape where homeless and wealthy, students and townies, frenzied commuters and sedentary neighborhood old-timers live side by side. Dissatisfied with the tenor of the times and the spirit of the qModern Age, q Hector searches for meaning in the world around him. He finds radical politics, greedy developers, and relationships that tend to implode. Join him on his journey through the lush and desolate regions of the of the heart, a journey which leads through the soul of a disappearing neighborhood: The Golden Donut and Restaurant, Central Square, The People's Republic of Cambridge.That must be good bread, with O.T. After a certain number I get double-time. I made about sixty five grand last year. Wow, said Hector. I wouldna#39;t be able to spend all that. You grow into it. You can afford one car, you buy two. You can afford aanbsp;...

Title:The Golden Donut and Restaurant
Author:Ralph Lopez
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-01-01


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