The Good Cook's Book of Salt and Pepper

The Good Cook's Book of Salt and Pepper

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a€œIt amazes me that so little has been written about the two foods we eat most often. Here is a book that tells us about these two ingredientsa€”one essential to life, the other the flavor of almost everything we eat. . . . A book like Ms. Jordana€™s is long overdue.a€ a€”James Peterson Salt is indispensable. Pepper is superfluous. Michelle Anna Jordan guides you through this cookbook where a€œsaltandpeppera€ is a one-word dictionary term in her kitchen vocabulary. Youa€™ll learn all there is to know about salt and pepper, even so far as to where and how they grow. This exquisite cookbook will go over the necessities of salt, and the luxury of pepper via 135 seasoned recipes. Serve your friends, family, and party guests with delicious recipes and first-hand facts behind the science of one of the culinary worlda€™s dynamic duos. The Good Cooka€™s Book of Salt and Pepper separates itself from other competitors by offering scientific facts, a healthier exposure to salt and pepper, and some interesting worldwide trivia. Did you know that India produces the leading amount of pepper and that the United States is its largest consumer? Did you know that shrimp and small crustaceans cooked with spices are common throughout Asia and South America? And that salt is an essential ingredient in coaxing out the flavor of nearly all grains? Recipes in this book include: Au poivre rouge steak Three-peppercorn bread Roast pork with black pepper Seafood roated with rock salt Pepper-crusted pizza with porcini, fontina, and sageI find the best ones are typically the simplest, without heavy dressings, tomatoes, or too many other ingredients that tend to overpower the delicate wonder of ... For a slightly more elaborate version, consult the Variation at the end of this recipe.

Title:The Good Cook's Book of Salt and Pepper
Author:Michele Jordan
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2015-07-21


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