The Good Neighbor Guidebook for Colorado

The Good Neighbor Guidebook for Colorado

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The West is changing, and these days natives and newcomers alike need a lot of basic information to cope with issues that arise from increasing population and changing land-use regulations on both the local and federal levels.The Good Neighbor Guidebook for Colorado is an essential resource for anyone living in Colorado today. Arising from a seminar organized by the authors in Durango, this valuable collection features articles by some thirty-five expert contributors, ranging from builders to lawyers to land-use specialists and more. The book focuses on land stewardship; basics of Colorado law; working with local governments; issues of recreation, public lands, and tribal lands; protecting our western heritage; and avoiding and resolving problems.In Colorado, at the turn of the 21st century, the trend seems to be away from traditional, strong, relationship-based communities toward pseudo-communities that often are a collection of short-term alliances to fight common enemies. The re-establishment of strong neighbor relationships, with appreciation not only for shared values but for diverse opinions, can reverse this unfortunate trend. The Good Neighbor Guidebook for Colorado offers every citizen the tools to build better communities.Very often, these plants have deep root systems (Russian knapweed, 20 feet; leafy spurge, 1 5 to 40 feet) that give them a ... Additionally, many of the perennial weed species are prolific seed producers and have a very high germination rate, meaning that ... With these kinds of adaptive characteristics, it is easy to see why weeds are so successful in spreading into healthy stands of native vegetation.

Title:The Good Neighbor Guidebook for Colorado
Author:Nancy S. Greif, Erin J. Johnson
Publisher:Big Earth Publishing - 2000


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