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A small Jewish sect calling itself qThe Pure Believersq, worships in Babylon during the period of Jewish Exile, in the 6th century BCE. It mysteriously disappears from the pages of history, and nothing is known about it for two thousand years, when it is suddenly mentioned by a Vatican scholar at an international conference. What does the scroll actually say? Where was it found? Just who are these a€œPuristsa€ with their lofty claims of truly knowing the Creator God? Were they just one of the many obscure religious sects persecuted out of existence by mainstream Judaism, or were they a religious creed that was growing like a wildfire, and could have swept the ancient world, and quickly consolidated into a major movement, threatening the very existence of the established Jewish faith. This book covers the journey of the scroll, its theft, loss and burial in the largest book collection in the world. It is a fascinating account of active attempts at suppression, intrigue and courage shown by one man, who is determined to expose to the world such ancient truths, and radical views of the Creator. Well may we ask, why we have always been told that we were born of sin and that we needed all the theatre of incense and bells of formal religion to find God, for ourselves? When in reality our Creator has always been within us, fully aware of our individual limitations, and expecting nothing from us, always knowing the reasons for our every action.... piece of metal curled up like a large Cuban cigar, and had kept in my safe- deposit box together with my collection of ancient Greek and Roman coins. The scroll and the way it was given to me for safe-keeping all seemed such a distant event, and in a way quite unreal, ... began to think of Father Sealya#39;s precious family heirloom, and that it was perhaps time for it to make its way back to the Sealy family.

Author:Alan V. Gordon
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-05-25


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