The Gospel According to Chris Moyles

The Gospel According to Chris Moyles

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Motor mouth. Loud Mouth. Tubby DJ. Overpaid ego. What is the truth? Who is Chris Moyles? And what does he have to say for himself when he's not on the radio? Who is this man they call 'The Saviour of Radio 1'? In The Gospel According to Chris Moyles, Chris dissects the world around him and tackles all sorts of subjects; from interviewing the world's most famous celebrities, to trying to find a parking space in his own street. But you'll also get to meet his family and friends and learn about how he went from teenage DJ on a psychiatric hospital radio show to become the nation's favourite breakfast show DJ on BBC Radio 1. His is a life lived on and off air. And this book is a combination of both. It's funny, honest and gives Chris a platform to talk about his favourite subject... himself. Ego? What ego?The Story of a Man and His Mouth Chris Moyles. Louis Walsh and begged him a#39; jesus. please dona#39;t make me sing with all the other losersa#39; He Just smiled The song was a medley of To ltike To Tbach The World To Singa#39; and Abbaa#39;s a#39; ThankYou For The Musica#39;. ... with my Simon Cowell faceemask and my trousers just above my man boobs and delivered my line. Then I mimed for the rest of the song! i couldanbsp;...

Title:The Gospel According to Chris Moyles
Author:Chris Moyles
Publisher:Random House - 2014-11-27


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