The Great American Heart Hoax

The Great American Heart Hoax

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Clinical studies show that cardiovascular intervention does not prevent heart attacks or prolong life in stable patients with coronary artery disease . . . so why are more than 1.5 million angioplasties and coronary bypass surgeries done annually in the United States alone? In The Great American Heart Hoax, esteemed cardiologist Michael Ozner, author of The Miami Mediterranean Diet, reveals groundbreaking truths about what actually helps prevent and reverse heart disease and what isna€™t worth the money or risk. Discover disturbing realities from a cardiologist about the billion-dollar cardiovascular intervention industry. While a minority of patients may benefit from surgery, Ozner uncovers that the majority can employ much simpler methods, such as diet, exercise and medical therapy, to achieve better resultsa€”without stents or surgery. Most important, The Great American Heart Hoax provides a 10-step program to improve your heart health and reduce your risk of heart disease.You know that LDL is a€œbada€ cholesterol and HDL is a€œgooda€ cholesterol, and that a high level of triglycerides is a risk ... You can think of cholesterol-carrying particles (lipoproteins) as moving through the bloodstream like cars traveling down the highway; ... When the highway is busy, cars are more likely to take alternate routes to avoid the traffic; similarly, the more cholesterol particles in the bloodstream, ... Triglycerides are a kind of fat that serves as a back-up energy source for the body.

Title:The Great American Heart Hoax
Author:Michael Ozner
Publisher:BenBella Books, Inc. - 2013-08-21


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