The Great Bird Flu Hoax

The Great Bird Flu Hoax

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The U.S. government is now practically screaming that a new avian super-flu will likely kill millions of Americans. The mainstream media is entirely onboard, as are drug companies and other corporations poised to benefit immensely off the paranoia. But there is NO coming bird flu pandemic. It's an elaborate scheme contrived by the government and big business for reasons that boil down to power and money. Presenting eye-opening evidence that casts serious doubt on the truthfulness of reports about the virus's ability to transmit, and its mortality rates around the world, renowned physician Dr. Joseph Mercola reveals the secrets about the great bird flu hoax. In compelling fashion he provides you the real facts you need to know to protect you from a far greater ill - corporate and governmental greed.In nature, fish dona#39;t eat rendered chicken parts or chicken manure, nor do they ear canola or soy (another common practice in the ... This practice presents a potential risk for the spread of any disease, including the highly pathogenic bird flu.

Title:The Great Bird Flu Hoax
Author:Joseph Mercola
Publisher:Thomas Nelson Inc - 2009-03-15


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