The Great Ceviche Book, revised

The Great Ceviche Book, revised

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Start Fresh Cevichea€”fresh seafood cured in citrusa€”boasts lively, bright flavors along with a low-fat, high-protein healthiness. In this revised edition of The Great Ceviche Book, award-winning chef Douglas Rodriguez reminds us why he is the foremost Latin chef in America. Youa€™ll find straightforward instructions and confidence-building advice to walk you through all the ceviche fundamentals: its basic formula of six ingredients, the four safety commandments, helpful kitchen equipment to have on hand, and serving suggestions to create beautiful presentations. Rodrigueza€™s passionate take on the subject offers more than forty diverse ceviche recipes, from traditional dishes originating in Central and South America such as Chilean Sea Bass with Lemon Oil and Ecuadorian Shrimp, to recipes that draw on diverse ethnic influences such as Gingered Toro Tuna with Soy and Sesame. Chapters on tasty side dishes and helpful basics round out everything you need to know to make this simple yet sophisticated cuisine in your own kitchen. Rodrigueza€™s streamlined preparations allow home cooks to focus on the virtues of freshness and pure flavors. The Great Ceviche Book is the definitive, authentic guide to this vibrant cuisine.Rest your serving bowl within a larger, decorative bowl filled with crushed ice or ice cubes, about the recipes You will notice as you work through the recipes in this book that the basic ceviche formula remains the same; it is simply ... difficult to get it right. just pay close attention to the instructions Ia#39;ve given and youa#39;ll be well on your way to your first, perfect ceviche. ... Finally, the Glossary is a great place to consult for infonnation when you encounter an unfamiliar ingredient or term.

Title:The Great Ceviche Book, revised
Author:Douglas Rodriguez
Publisher:Ten Speed Press - 2012-07-03


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