The Great Oklahoma Elephant Hunt

The Great Oklahoma Elephant Hunt

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Ita€™s 1975. Two baby circus elephants escape into the wilds outside the town of Hugo, in south-eastern Oklahoma. A young sheriff, Hal Powers, leads a posse of volunteers to find them. Two weeks pass without success. Four wannabe cowboys up from Texas join the posse. The New York Times gets wind of the chase and sends a reporter to cover it. A local school teacher, Gail Stewart, who has long had her eyes on the handsome young sheriff, gets involved in the search, but her little brother and his buddy, plus sundry other local characters, manage to greatly complicate her efforts to attract his attention. The Great Oklahoma Elephant Hunt offers fun, humor, romance, and a dash of local history to an actual event that forms the background for this fictional story.We carry guns down here, you know.a€ She gave him a serious look, and then laughed at his genuinely startled expression. a€œDo you carry a gun?a€ he asked jokingly. a€œOnly when I go out alone at night. Ia#39;ve got a concealed weapon permit.

Title:The Great Oklahoma Elephant Hunt
Author:James D. Fife
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-09-10


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