The Great Rift

The Great Rift

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Five years ago, young sorcerer Dante Galand and his friend Blays averted war against their new home, the city of Narashtovik. Ever since, they've been repaying their debts, arming and training the nomadic norren people in preparation for rebellion against the empire that enslaves them. When Dante hears a nearby norren clan is in possession of the Quivering Bowa€”a legendary artifact that can strike down walls with a single arrowa€”his course is clear. With such a weapon, he can secure independence for both the norren and Narashtovik. But the bow has been taken by the enemy. Following a trail of pirates and slavers, Dante, Blays, and a clan of norren warriors strike deep into enemy lands. Until now, their rebellion's been kept secret. But their quest for the bow leads Dante and Blays to an all-out assault on the personal manor of powerful lord Cassinder. Enraged, Cassinder will have his revenge on norren and Narashtovik alikea€”and this time, there will be no stopping the engines of war. THE GREAT RIFT is the second book in an epic fantasy trilogy.aquot;Please consider me your guide through the wilderness that is foreign culture.aquot; aquot; Guide?aquot; Blays said. aquot;How different can these places be? Ita#39;s all part of the same empire.aquot; The man shrugged his narrow ... 10 Dante clopped beneath the gate.

Title:The Great Rift
Author:Edward W. Robertson
Publisher:Edward W. Robertson - 2014-01-26


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