The Great Uncooking

The Great Uncooking

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Detox! Lose Weight! Glow with vitality! Over 100 raw food recipes to supercharge your health. This 240 page ebook contains much more than recipes. Your food should make you feel alive, energetic and optimistic. Raw food makes you glow, heal quickly, and has the ability to power up your mind a memory. Your natural state is free from diabetes, constipation and arthritis. All this and more awaits you if you decide to uncook your food and eat more raw. Are you confused by conflicting dietary advice? Are you left with a host of low fat cookbooks and an ever-increasing waistline? You are not alone. Deciding what to eat on the path to wellness has become confusing. The food that you eat should not give you acne, make you forgetful or feel foggy. Your food should not leave you feeling depressed or in need of an immediate nap. Your food should not hold your emotions hostage; make you fat (despite not eating very much and doing lots of exercise). The Great Uncooking takes the best of the scientific information that is out there and offers it to you in a condensed form, providing the what to eat and the why we eat it. With so much conflicting dietary advice out there it can be hard to know what to eat. There is the paleo movement, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free and even vegan. This book makes life simple by providing ideas on what you can eat for optimal health. Biohacking is a new buzzword coined to describe the practice of taking results from leading biological studies to short cut your way to health. Ita€™s not cheating ita€™s just using the wisdom that we have always known, but have forgotten. Like Hippocrates said, a€œLet food be thy medicine.a€Banana. Protein. Smoothie. Chai flavoured gelatin is one of my cheat day favourites. I tried to recreate the idea here with a more healthful protein enriched version. If you dona#39;t have the spicy chai essence drops, you could also try making this on a base of Bengal Spice tea. I simply ... Protein. 1 scoop vanilla protein powder 1 cup coconut water 1a„4 cup raspberries 1a„4 cup blueberries 1 frozen bananaanbsp;...

Title:The Great Uncooking
Author:Natalie Prigoone
Publisher:Natalie Prigoone - 2014-12-10


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