The Greek Myths

The Greek Myths

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Endymion, Pelops, Daedalus, Pygmalion a€“ what are the stories behind these and the hundreds of other familiar names from Greek mythology a€“ names that recur throughout the history of European culture? In a two-volume work that has become a classic reference book for both the serious scholar and the casual inquirer, Robert Graves retells the adventures of the important gods and heroes worshipped by the ancient Greeks. Drawing on an enormous range of sources, he has brought together all the elements of every myth in simple narrative form, supplying detailed cross-references and indexes. Each entry has a full commentary which examines problems of interpretation in both historical and anthropological terms, and in the light of contemporary research.SOME say that when Zeus seduced Antiope, daughter of Nycteus the Theban, she fled to the King of Sicyon, who agreed to marry her, and thus ... Antiopea#39;s uncle Lycus presently defeated the Sicyonians in a bloody battle and brought her back, a widow, to Thebes. ... twins Amphion and Zethus, whom Lycus at once exposed on Mount Cithaeron, she was cruelly ill-treated for many years by her aunt Dirce.

Title:The Greek Myths
Author:Robert Graves
Publisher:Penguin UK - 1990-09-27


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