The Green Bubble

The Green Bubble

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The next four years will be an increasingly frenzied lead-up to a gigantic stock market bubble in renewable energy. The new energy revolution will have a profound impact on everything that human beings construct, move, or deliberately heat or cool. The consequences of the first truly global stock market bubble will transform every country, every industry, and nearly every business. This book will act as a road map for the new energy revolution. It will serve as a guide to understanding the rapidly unfolding events, as well as a business reference for individual and institutional investors and for government policy advisors. The Green Bubble explains why huge global, political, and economic changes will occur, what changes will be promoted, and who will promote them - in short, who will gain and who will lose. But after the bubble bursts, most of the investors in the bubble, those who did not get out in time and numbering perhaps a billion or more, will have lost a material amount of their life savings. Some will have invested individually, others through their pension funds, still others through their government's tax money, and, finally, quite a few through ail of the above. And, what of the outcome? A World War magnitude of invested money will actually have paid for the transformation out of oil and into renewable energy. The result - the climate will probably have been saved, and there will be nearly limitless energy. But it will have virtually no monetary value. Energy will be qtoo cheap to meter.q Readers of The Green Bubble will learn about the new energy revolution and will discover what works and what doesn't, and why they will have to watch their investments closely - especially those made by others on their behalf.Since the industry standard in late 2005 is obviously the Toyota Prius, which can achieve a gasoline reduction of at least ... Lyon in France has even instituted a system of essentially free bicycles to partially deal with the congestion problem.

Title:The Green Bubble
Author:Robert Bell
Publisher: - 2006


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