The Green Fallacy

The Green Fallacy

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In the vast world of environmentalism, misconceptions are infinitely abundant. The Green Fallacy is about using logic and common sense to tackle the many fallacies associated with manmade global warming and environmentalism. These days, environmentalism is more about emotion than truth. Rather than using supporting evidence, environmentalists relentlessly appeal to the public's emotions, trying to lure you in with pictures of cute, fuzzy polar bears and evil, devastating hurricanes. In The Green Fallacy, we will take a long, hard look at the many holes in the issue of manmade global warming. Nick Johanson presents arguments that are contrary to the mainstream arguments of the day and asks questions that most people currently in positions of authority often avoid or fail to answer altogether. 'Are hurricanes really getting more frequent?' 'Are polar bears really dying?' 'Is carbon dioxide really a pollutant?' These are just a few of the many questions we will delve into in The Green Fallacy. What is a Fallacy? According to, 'fallacy' can be defined as, 'a deceptive, misleading, or false notion.' A fallacy is basically the exact opposite of truth. Truth is verifiable and indisputable, while a fallacy can be proven wrong by simply looking at the supporting evidence, or lack thereof. Nick Johanson currently resides in a small town in Washington State and is actively working his way through college in Oregon, majoring in Radio Broadcasting. He plans to go into Voiceover Acting and maybe, one day, have his own talk radio show. He enjoys Scuba Diving, talking politics, chocolate milk, and exercising his 2nd Amendment rights as an American citizen.The engine creates a cycle that sets off these controlled explosions hundreds of times per minute, and the energy is harnessed and ... The 2003 Honda Civic averaged twenty-six mpg, off 46 percent from its advertised forty-eight mpg. And theanbsp;...

Title:The Green Fallacy
Author:Nick Johanson
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2009-12


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