The Grid

The Grid

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Christopher Marlowe and his Elizabethan set are reincarnated in a near-future dystopian London on the brink of destruction, battling AIDS and trapped by their shared past. A typically original and erotically charged novel by one of Britain's most idiosyncratic writers, The Grid is set in the not-too-distant future, when Britain is ruled by the autocratic Commissar, London has merged with Tokyo and police use flying cars to combat rogue Boeing pilots doing kamikaze stunts over the capital's skyscrapers. Amid the dystopian chaos a group of men attend a mysterious hypnotherapy clinic called the Grid to receive treatment for AIDSa€”but as the therapy progresses they begin to realize that they are, in fact, reincarnations of Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare, and other members of the dramatists' Elizabethan circle, including Nicholas Skeres, Henry Wriothesley, and Thomas Walsingham. As the past merges with the present they find themselves embarking on a journey that leads to the resolution of one of the all-time great literary mysteriesa€”the murder of Marlowe in a Deptford tavern in 1593a€”as well as one the most extraordinary finales in recent British fiction.Car doors had been torn out of a conspicuous black Jaguar X-Type and black sacks slashed open and discharged across the road. ... it with suspensions of cells contained in a thermo-reversible gel it had become possible to print complex tissues and whole organs with a view to biological repair. ... He couldna#39;t remember a time when he hadna#39;t drunk or relied on alcohol as a trigger to altered states.

Title:The Grid
Author:Jeremy Reed
Publisher:Peter Owen Publishers - 2008


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