The Grove Book of Hollywood

The Grove Book of Hollywood

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The Orlando Sentinel described The Grove Book of Hollywood as qa marvelous overview of the mythical world of Screenland through the eyes of those who observed it firsthand.q In pieces by bemused outsiders like P. G. Wodehouse and Evelyn Waugh and consummate insiders like Jack Warner, Ben Hecht, and Budd Schulberg, it tells the story of Hollywood's birth as a dusty village outside L.A., through the blacklist, to its present-day role as a high-stakes cultural capital of power players, touchy egos, schlock, and genius. Full of priceless bits -- Jean Harlow's satire of young hopefuls, John Huston's fistfight with Errol Flynn, Frank Capra on working for Mack Sennett, and William Goldman on the ubiquitous Hollywood meeting -- The Grove Book of Hollywood is a must for anyone who loves movies. qA superb anthology.... A feast for those who love Hollywood and those who hate it.q -- J. G. Ballard, The Observer (London) qEnchanting ... I marveled at [its] resourcefulness.... Have you gone out to buy this book yet?q -- David Thomson, Bookforum q....strange tribal rites, and tarnished idols of the celluloid jungles, the book is a feast.q -- L. S. Klepp, Entertainment WeeklyIa#39;ll have to wear a dinner jacket and bowtie. Shit! ... As the famous guests arrive, I point out my old friend, Michael Medwin, escorting Lauren Bacall. Then, aftera lot of ... How many people today have seen La Grande Illusion or La RAugle du Jeu? ... She hates Jon Voight, and she cana#39;t stand another trip to the supermarket to stock up. I phone ... No sign of any real stars a€“ WarrenBeatty, Lauren Bacall, RobertdeNiro orRobert Redford. ... ICM are William Morrisa#39;s chief rivals in Hollywood.

Title:The Grove Book of Hollywood
Author:Christopher Silvester
Publisher:Grove/Atlantic, Inc. - 2007-12-01


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