The Growth Experiment Revisited

The Growth Experiment Revisited

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The first edition of The Growth Experiment, originally published in 1990 as a response to critics of the Reagan-era tax cuts, became a kind of bible for proponents of supply-side economics. This new and updated edition, which explores the economic effects of Americaa€™s tax policy over the last five presidential administrations, makes a bold and timely argument against the centerpiece of Obamaa€™s economic policya€”increasing taxes on the wealthy. Lawrence Lindsey provides a data-rich argument showing that because of changes in human behavior prompted by tax cuts, lowering taxes on the wealthy a€œcostsa€ the treasury far less than most economists calculate and creates an economic boon to middle and lower income earners. Sure to be controversial, The Growth Experiment Revisited is essential reading for anyone looking to understand the arguments at the heart of this most fractious of American policy debates.Technologically, special thanks needs to go to all the people at the Manhattan Institute and at Basic Books for ... The Manhattan Institute, under the inspired leadership of its two Presidents over this quarter century, William Hammett and Larryanbsp;...

Title:The Growth Experiment Revisited
Author:Lawrence Lindsey
Publisher:Basic Books - 2013-09-10


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