The Gun Book for Girls

The Gun Book for Girls

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This third installment in the popular series of practical books about guns and shooting is aimed at women of all agesa€”the fastest-growing segment of the sporta€”and it couldna€™t come at a better time. America and firearms literally grew up together, but today guns are often simply linked to crime and violence; gun control has become a polarizing political issue; and misinformation about firearms is spreading. Now three experts have tackled the subject in a series of books that explores the realities of guns and shooting and sets the record straight about some common misconceptions. On the heels of The Gun Book for Boys and The Gun Book for Parents, The Gun Book for Girls is for girls (and women) interested in guns and shooting but who have little or no background in firearms. Through example and anecdote, the book emphasizes safety and proper usage, and it defines terms and provides hands-on advice about using and maintaining guns. It also covers firearms, shooting methods, clothing and accessories for women, profiles females who shoot and who work in the gun trade, and discusses the issues around guns for self-defense (a topic of special interest to women). Like the other two titles, this book is non-political and written in an easy-to-understand conversational tone. Each book is thoroughly illustrated, and content is presented in easily managed portions that can be read in series or singly, all backed up with an index.Possibly the rarest of all Daisy BB guns is this double-barreled Model 104 from the 1940s. Pellet Guns: Spring-Air, Pneumatic ... Had he been bare-assed this would have been a genuine a€œpain in the butt.a€ For many shooters in America, theiranbsp;...

Title:The Gun Book for Girls
Author:Silvio Calabi, Steve Helsley, Roger Sanger
Publisher:Down East Books - 2013-09-16


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