The Handbook of Classroom Discourse and Interaction

The Handbook of Classroom Discourse and Interaction

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Offering an interdisciplinary approach, The Handbook of Classroom Discourse and Interaction presents a series of contributions written by educators and applied linguists that explores the latest research methodologies and theories related to classroom language. a€c Organized to facilitate a critical understanding of how and why various research traditions differ and how they overlap theoretically and methodologically a€c Discusses key issues in the future development of research in critical areas of education and applied linguistics a€c Provides empirically-based analysis of classroom talk to illustrate theoretical claims and methodologies a€c Includes multimodal transcripts, an emerging trend in education and applied linguistics, particularly in conversation analysis and sociocultural theoryReFeReNCeS. Atkinson, d. (ed.) (2011) Alternative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition, Routledge, ... Cambridge. duff, P. (1986) Another look at interlanguage talk: Taking task to task, in Talking to Learn: Conversation in ... Prigogine, I. and Stengers, I. (1984) Order out of Chaos, heinemann, London. Sardar, Z. and Abrams, I. (1999) Introducing Chaos, Icon Books, Cambridge UK. Seedhouseanbsp;...

Title:The Handbook of Classroom Discourse and Interaction
Author:Numa Markee
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-04-20


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