The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry

The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry

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Pt.A: The Atmosphere; The hydrosphere; Chemical oceanography; Chemical aspects of soil; The oxygen cycle; The sulfur cycle; The phosphorus cycle; Metal cycles and biological methylation; Natural organohalogen compounds; Pt.C: Humic substances. Structural aspects, and photophycical, photochemical and free radical characteristics; Organic material in sea water; Marine gelbstoff; The surface of the ocean; Atmospheric nitrogen. Chemistry, nitrification, denitrification, and their interrelationships; Carbon dioxide: a biogeochemical portrait; Pt.D: The cycles of copper, silver and gold; Modelling the global carbon cycle; Chemical limnology; Environmental microbiology; Pt.E: The thermodynamics of ecosystems; Environmental systems; Global transport processes in the atmosphere; The atmosphere: physical properties and climate change.Wing, R.M., Sims. J.J.: Tetrahedron ... 2003 (1974). See also [36] 46. Howard. B.M., Fenical, W.: Tetrahedron Lett. 2519(1976) 47. Suzuki, M., Kurosawa, E., Irie, T.: Tetrahedron Lett. ... 3343 (1977) 50. a) Rose, A.F., Sims, J.J.: Tetrahedron Lett.

Title:The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry
Author:O. Hutzinger
Publisher:Springer - 1980


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