The Handbook of Environmental Health

The Handbook of Environmental Health

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Environmental issues, global warming, pollution, and chemical dumping, are ever present in the news. But what about the health problems these issues pose? Frank Spellman and Melissa Stoudt identify the hazardous environmental issues and explain the science behind the dangers to our health in a clear and accessible style. They not only address the environmental issues, but also the practices that support and harm the human life and population. Lastly, they identify and offer possible solutions to controlling the factors that harm our health.Stratospheric Ozone Depletiona€”Try to imagine, if you can, a hole in the sky as large as the United Statesa€”a hole extending some 29, 000 feet up through the ... The stratospheric ozone layer is analogous to a layer of gaseous a€œsun blocka€ that protects us from UV radiation. ... Sources of CFC gases include aerosol spray cans, refrigerants, industrial solvents, and foam insulation; they do not degrade easily.

Title:The Handbook of Environmental Health
Author:Frank R. Spellman, Melissa L. Stoudt
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2013


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