The Happy Place

The Happy Place

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Pulling from Co-active Coaching principles and exercises, The Happy Place offers a blueprint for living a life connected to your true values. Through shared real life stories a experiences, youa€™ll embark on a journey of re-engaging with whata€™s important to you while going through a series of a€œa-ha!a€ and a€œI just got found out!a€ moments. Nancy opens the flood gates to taking charge of your life with her heart-felt, around-the-table writing style. An essential workbook for individuals looking for personal and professional growth. Ita€™s worth the ride. You are worth it too! qThe Happy Place is a powerful journey of self-discovery. Nancy's heartfelt and endearing vulnerability creates a safe, humorous and insightful guide to help uncover your lifea€™s purpose and the tools to achieving your true potential. Life changing - a must read!q Tracy Vincze, Master Organizer Hoss Headwear a€œThis book is a guided tour into discovering the who you were created to be. This is a must read for anyone who feels like they are on the hamster wheel of life, going and going and not getting anywhere. Through this book you will be awakened to things you never thought possible and to step into the happy place of living and experiencing life Lynette Cox Maryland, Virginia USAThe home I lived in four homes ago, I had built with my husband. ... We were all experiencing similar thingsa€”decorating and buying furniture, watering our new sod and starting to landscape, ... As people, we often bond through commonalities.

Title:The Happy Place
Author:Nancy Milton CPCC, ACC
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-03-22


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