The Hardcore Facts

The Hardcore Facts

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Today more and more emphasis is being placed on how well you perform as an athlete. Good nutrition should be a key part of your training program. What you do to provide the proper nutrients to your body could make the difference in your well-being, maintain desirable body weight, stay physically fit, and to establish optimum nerve to muscle reflexes thus enhancing your athletic ability. The purpose of this book is to provide the latest nutritional strategies that are safe, legal and effective for enhancing performance in todaya€™s athlete to give one the edge needed for maximal performance. The information presented in this book will present facts about supplements and nutrients that have proven to enhance your athletic ability. Before reading this book ask yourself, a€œWhy should I not have the advantage of knowing all that is to know about supplements and nutrients to practically help me succeed as an athlete?a€ For the first time by reading this book a summary of condensed up to date knowledge of critically proven facts about supplements and nutrition that apply to everyday training will be revealed to give an athlete the advantage for your peak performance.PROTEIN. Protein is a necessary nutrient needed for maintaining normal health. Therehave beenmany claims made in the literature about the use of protein and ... The fact is that your protein intake should be no greater than 2grams/kg. of body weight per day to enhance muscle growth. ... Wheyhas acomplete aminoacid profile for muscle building and is the fastest digesting protein source on themarket.

Title:The Hardcore Facts
Author:Michael P. Angelillo M.D.
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-06-30


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