The Hardtack Diary

The Hardtack Diary

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A man will do many things for the woman he loves A mysterious man requests a private meeting with Hardington Tachman, university professor and naval intelligence officer. The visitor weaves a tale of intrigue that propels Hardtack, as he is better known, across the Pacific from Mexico to China a€“ in pursuit of a missing weapon of mass destruction. On the journey, Hardtack falls in love with Mei Li, an exotic young Chinese-American who is kidnapped in Hong Kong and disappears into the clutches of the Chinese mafia. Hardtack tracks her across China, while becoming ensnared in a plot to entangle the US in a war with China. This page-turning thriller unfolds toward a climax in the sordid brothels of Taipei, culminating in a final reckoning. This is the first in a new series featuring the adventures of the memorable Hardtack.He nodded toward the barman, all the time slowly easing himself from his stool while fishing in his pocket for a dollar to leave as a tip. a€œThank ... Students were nothing new to me, but the garbage man took her in, slowly, from head to toe. a€œ Niceanbsp;...

Title:The Hardtack Diary
Author:Richard Wilson
Publisher:Troubador Publishing Ltd - 2013-09-01


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