The Harry Potter Companion

The Harry Potter Companion

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This is a magical, unofficial companion to the qHarry Potterq series that will help you enjoy the adventures more thoroughly. Learn about the wizard lifestyle, get to know Hogwarts inside and out and discover everything you ever wanted to know about Animagi. Descriptions, definitions, maps, timelines and additional commentary will guide you every step of the way.Broomcloset: There is one around the corner from the DADA classroom. ... Myrtle can usually be found floating above her toilet tank (an old style, raised-tank Crapper), or sulking in the toileta#39;s U-bend. ... in a meadow and a painting of several card-playing wizards, Fred and George set off their Wildfire Whiz-Bangs to cause aanbsp;...

Title:The Harry Potter Companion
Author:Acascias Riphouse
Publisher:Virtualbookworm Publishing - 2004-07


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