The Harvard Conference on the Internet & Society

The Harvard Conference on the Internet & Society

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In the Spring of 1996, international leaders in business, law, government, and education gathered at Harvard University to discuss the impact of the Internet, one of the most potent technological innovations of this century, on society. This volume, which includes the presentations, discussions, and computer demonstrations from this ground-breaking forum, provides an expert assessment of the impact of this rapidly changing technology on business, government, media, and education for the next decade and beyond. Dozens of leaders from Microsoft, Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems, and Intel Corporation are joined by keynote speakers Bill Gates, Scott McNealy, Diana Lady Dougan, and Steven McGeady; Harvard University President Neil Rudenstine; and Harvard's faculty in providing first-hand accounts of current revolutionary changes in the computer industry, as well as their influence on the future of organizations, workers, customer relations, and the creation and ownership of products themselves. These writings not only serve as an excellent source for understanding today's hottest Internet technologies; they also explore the important issues facing a society with ever-expanding ties to cyberspace. Included with this book is a CD-ROM containing the contents of the book as well as a copy of version 3.0 of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser software. We provide hyperlinks on the CD-ROM that make it easy for you to move to related articles and discussions.2nd Ed. PGP: Pretty Good Privacy sendmail, 2nd Ed. sendmail Desktop Reference System Performance Tuning TCP/IP ... with make Mastering Oracle Power Objects Oracle Design: The Definitive Guide Oracle Performance Tuning, 2nd Ed.

Title:The Harvard Conference on the Internet & Society
Author:O'Reilly & Associates
Publisher:Harvard University Press - 1997


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