The Haunting of Berkely Manor

The Haunting of Berkely Manor

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Bcover: Horror novel is about a psychic researcher and an anthropologist who find the quintessentialq haunted house.q The Haunting of Berkely Manor, is about a psychic researcher and an anthropologist who have searched all over the world for the perfectq haunted house.q Dr. Hex Montaque, a psychic researcher, and Dr. Jeff Turner, an anthropologist whose true passion lies in the supernatural, field have joined forces to validate the existence of an actual qhaunted house.a€ Their search leads them to Berkely Manor, an old home in rural Georgia that was built in 1806. After interviewing several former students as well as researching the personal effects and papers that were left behind by the family that built the house, Dr. Jeff and Dr. Hex are elated to realize that they have found the real thing. Berkely Manor is the quintessential haunted house and is in the perfect location for the study that the doctors hope to conduct. But, as the supernatural begins to take over, they wonder if they will survive to present their conclusion.a€œThey do not want us to fix the Sampler, a€ said Dan... busily tinkering with the generatora#39;s inner works.a€ But they are ... Dr. Jeff caught it and began cutting the tough fabric on the chaira#39;s seat. At first, the ... The fabric split with a wet, ripping sound.

Title:The Haunting of Berkely Manor
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-06-10


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