The Havoc Machine

The Havoc Machine

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In a world riddled with the destruction of men and machines alike, Thaddeus Sharpe takes to the streets of St. Petersburg, geared toward the hunt of his lifea€b. Thaddeus Sharpea€™s life is dedicated to the hunting and killing of clockworkers. When a mysterious young woman named Sofiya Ekk approaches him with a proposition from a powerful employer, he cannot refuse. A man who calls himself Mr. Griffin seeks Thada€™s help with mad clockwork scientist Lord Havoc, who has molded a dangerous machine. Mr. Griffin cares little if the evil Lord lives or dies; all he desires is Havoca€™s invention. Upon Thada€™s arrival at Havoca€™s laboratory, he is met with a chilling discovery. Havoc is not only concealing his precious machine; he has been using a young child by the name of Nikolai for cruel experiments. Locked into a clockwork web of intrigue, Thad must decipher the dangerous truth surrounding Nikolai and the chaos contraption before havoc reignsa€b.Morning smells of bakery and manure and sewer slops and beer mingled together. ... The floorboards were scuffed but clean, and glass-paned windows at either end of the corridor let in dim light. ... Your job is supposed to make you happy.

Title:The Havoc Machine
Author:Steven Harper
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-05-07


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