The Healthy Girl’s Guide to Breast Cancer

The Healthy Girl’s Guide to Breast Cancer

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Cancer stories usually start with some kind of struggle or fight. This story starts with a song. a€œYou may ask yourself, well, how did I get here? You may say to yourself, my God, what have I done?a€ These words rang true for Christine Egan. Many questions and stories circulate about cancer. Are you telling yourself you are a victim of cancer? Are you worried the cancer will come back? Are you stuck in the role of being sick? Egan made a conscious choice to tell a different story. The Healthy Girla€™s Guide to Breast Cancer is part memoir and part guide revealing the all-too-true story of cancer in this country with a healthy twist. Rest assureda€”this is not a cancer story; ita€™s a story about health and wellness.Although I wasna#39;t happy about having more surgery, my nurse friends explained the benefits ofthe portacath. One ofthe big benefits ... My friends understood my fear and told me I could avoid all that by having the port put into my chest, and that doing so would keep my veins healthy. ... The prospect of having to endure pain scared me, and so did the thought of extending treatment. I finally read the ... The procedure was supposed to take a quick thirty minutes and then I would go home.

Title:The Healthy Girl’s Guide to Breast Cancer
Author:Christine Egan
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2013-06-13


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