The Healthy Obsession Program

The Healthy Obsession Program

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Seeking to dispel the myths surrounding low-carb diets, this instructional guide reveals the flaws in logic behind such eating methods while helping weight watchers develop a healthy and satisfying lifestyle. With both short- and long-term research indicating that consuming excess fat and protein increases the chance of heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, and liver and kidney diseases, this book provides readers with an alternative weight-loss program that has a proven track record. Based on the principles of monitoring all foods eaten, watching the fat content of each meal, and exercisinga€”no less than 10, 000 steps a daya€”this guide allows readers to understand that the biological forces they are up against in their desire to lose weight are not necessarily their destiny.If you sit down for twenty-five minutes, youa#39;ll expend approximately twenty-five caloriesa€”that is, about 20% of the calories burned when ... FALSE. Increasing daily activities (such as climbing more stairs and parking farther from storesa€” causing more walking) can help you lose weight. ... When you start moving around a little bit, you burn about three times as many calories per minute compared to sitting.

Title:The Healthy Obsession Program
Author:Daniel S. Kirschenbaum
Publisher:BenBella Books, Inc. - 2013-08-21


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