The Heart Sutra

The Heart Sutra

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The Heart Sutra, originally a very short set of verses, was given in privacy. It was a message to one of Buddhaa€™s close disciples, Sariputra, and was specifically addressed to him. Over time, the Heart Sutra became one of Buddhism's core teachings. In these ten talks Osho presents the powerful message of these ancient words and brings them to a modern audience a€” one with different minds and needs than the original audiences of Buddha more than 2, 500 years ago. Oshoa€™s message is not about Buddha the historical figure: instead, he addresses his readers and listeners and encourages them to discover their own inner reality, their own buddhahood. Like Buddhaa€™s, Oshoa€™s message is about meditation and meditation alone a€” a€œrely only on your meditation and nothing else.a€ Osho also speaks on the seven chakras, the energy centers of the human body, and their corresponding relationships to the physical, psychosomatic, psychological, psychospiritual, spiritual, spiritual-transcendental, and transcendental aspects of human growth and consciousness.But when a great star disappears, to where will it disappear? It collapses within itself. It is such a big mass; it collapses. Just as if a man walking a€“ an old man a€“ falls on the street and collapses, if you leave the man there, sooner or later hisanbsp;...

Title:The Heart Sutra
Publisher:Osho Media International - 2014-09-09


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