The Hell and Joy of Running

The Hell and Joy of Running

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This book provides information about exercise physiology, biomechanics, and exercise psychology to readers particularly those interested in running. Step by step, this book advises runners what to do, what not to do, how to start a running program, correct technique, as well as advising what clothing is appropriate. Through understanding exercise physiology, people will understand the role of energy sources, the concepts of fatigue, the importance of fluid and carbohydrate intake. It is expected that readers will gain a better understanding of why some people were not able to enjoy running and why it seemed to be hell rather than the pleasure of performing. Also it will help runners to know themselves better in terms of their bodya€™s reactions to exercise, particularly aerobic exercise, and consequently to a€œlisten to their bodiesa€. Runners will be able to exercise/run safely, within their capabilities thus, enjoying the feeling of well-being created by running. Therefore, this book is aimed at broadening the knowledge of people who enjoy running, and opening the mind of those who find running hell. It is written in an easy and concise way with the reader in mind, a€thinking for youa€ and a€œof youa€.Any injury is a good excuse for giving up running or exercising. The majority of them give up running because of lack of knowledge of important factors that can help them to cope with running demands like what to do before start a running or anbsp;...

Title:The Hell and Joy of Running
Author:Dr. Fernando Imperial Dos Santos
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2006-10-09


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