The Hen Night Prophecies: The One That Got Away

The Hen Night Prophecies: The One That Got Away

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THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY is the first novel in a fantastic new series called THE HEN NIGHT PROPHECIES, following the fortunes of five different girls, each given their own puzzling prophecy at a friend's hen night... Zoe Piper adores her four best friends - Fern, Libby, Charlotte and Priya - so is thrilled when they can all make it to her hen night, where one of the girls arranges for a tarot-card reader to give them a reading individually. Afterwards, each one stumbles out a little dazed, perplexed by how spookily accurate the reader was, but each one keeps quiet about their own readings. In each of the five volumes of THE HEN NIGHT PROPHECIES we learn how their prophecies come true - this first book follows the fortunes of Fern, who is told that she has already met The One, but let him go...could do was hold him while he wept, stroking the damp locks of chestnut hair back from his face and letting him cry ... Armed witha fresh glass of wine, which it took allof her selfcontrol notto down inone, Fern spottedPete sitting ona leather sofa and scratching his ears. ... a#39;There you areat last! ... Next time my bloody boss has a good idea about team bonding Ia#39;m going to do something more fun, like pull myanbsp;...

Title:The Hen Night Prophecies: The One That Got Away
Author:Jessica Fox
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2009-06-11


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