The Herbalist in the Kitchen

The Herbalist in the Kitchen

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Created as the ideal reference for anyone with a serious interest in cooking with herbs, spices, or related plant materials, The Herbalist in the Kitchen is truly encyclopedic in scope. It provides complete information about the uses, botany, toxicity, and flavor chemistry of herbs, as well as a listing for nearly every name that an ingredient is known by around the world. Even including herbs and spices not yet seen in the United States (but likely to be featured in recipes for adventurous cooks soon), The Herbalist in the Kitchen is organized into one hundred and four sections, each consisting of a single botanical family. The book provides all available information about the chemical compounds responsible for a plants characteristic taste and scent, which allows cooks to consider new subtleties and potential alternatives. For instance, the primary flavoring ingredient of cloves is eugenol; when a cook knows that bay leaves also contain eugenol, a range of exciting substitutions becomes clear. The Herbalist in the Kitchen also provides guidance about measuring herbs, enabling readers to understand the dated measuring standards from antique cookbooks._x000B_Not all the cookbooks and other sources I consulted in preparing this book have been taxonomically strict enough to satisfy the need for unequivocal ... The herb or spice name, even in the recipe context, may not be enough to categorize an unfamiliar term found in an old recipe. This book is not intended to be a gardening book, although I suspect that some gardeners will find something of use in it.

Title:The Herbalist in the Kitchen
Author:Gary Allen
Publisher:University of Illinois Press - 2007-05-24


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