The High-Performing Preschool

The High-Performing Preschool

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The High-Performing Preschool takes readers into the lives of three- and four-year-old Head Start students during their first year of school and focuses on the centerpiece of their school day: story acting. In this activity, students act out stories from high-quality childrena€™s literature as well as stories dictated by their peers. Drawing on a unique pair of thinkersa€”Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky and renowned American teacher and educational writer Vivian G. Paleya€”Gillian Dowley McNamee elucidates the ways, and reasons, this activity is so successful. She shows how story acting offers a larger blueprint for curricula that helps ensure all preschoolsa€”not just those for societya€™s well-to-doa€”are excellent. McNamee outlines how story acting cultivates childrena€™s oral and written language skills. She shows how it creates a crucial opportunity for teachers to guide children inside the interior logic and premises of an idea, and how it fosters the creation of a literary community. Starting with Vygotsky and Paley, McNamee paints a detailed portrait of high-quality preschool teaching, showing how educators can deliver on the promise of Head Start and provide a setting for all young children to become articulate, thoughtful, and literate learners.Mrs. Ortiz encourages him in Spanish, and he comes with some hesitancy. I tell the ... Watch.a€ Mrs. Ortiz and I are like dance partners, each of us speaking while allowing room for the other to translate simultaneously ... I say, a€œThank you Pablo!

Title:The High-Performing Preschool
Author:Gillian Dowley McNamee
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 2015-05-04


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