The holes in the ozone scare

The holes in the ozone scare

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This book presents the information needed to understand why the ozone depletion catastrophe theory is a hoax. The evidence includes how ozone scientist Gordon Dobson discovered the Antarctic ozone hole in 1956, before CFCs were widely used, a showed that it was a natural annual phenomenon; how natural sources of chlorine far outweigh man-made CFCs; a much more. It also discusses a program that will really protect the environment - a man, the most important resource in the environment. Order from: 21st Century Science Associates, P.O. Box 16285, Washington, D.C. 20041. (703) 777-7473.Nevertheless, they tell us, without the least proof, that this so-called layer of ozone protects us from the cancers that would be inflicted upon us by solar radiation. They tell us that CFCs, molecules much heavier than air, lift themselves up to theanbsp;...

Title:The holes in the ozone scare
Author:Rogelio Maduro, Ralf Schauerhammer
Publisher:Twenty First Century Science - 1992-07-01


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