The Hollywood Trilogy

The Hollywood Trilogy

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Don Carpenter wrote about Hollywood like no one else. Hollywood Trilogy collects, for the first time, Carpentera€™s most significant Hollywood novelsa€”A Couple of Comedians, The Turnaround and The True Life Story of Jody McKeegana€”into a single volume. Here readers will find the jungle of a€œBa€ movie Hollywood with no attempt to dress up the rawness and vulgarity of this a€œglamorousa€ town. Carpentera€™s characters occupy every facet of Hollywooda€”there are naAmve and shy young men trying to break into the business, one-picture wonders, comedy duos, beautiful starlets and middle-aged moguls wondering how exactly they got where they are. All are drawn with the wit, pace and above all, the authenticity that were Don Carpentera€™s trademarks. Following the Spring 2014 publication of Friday at Enricoa€™s, Carpentera€™s a€œforgottena€ novel, finished and championed by Jonathan Lethem, interest in Carpentera€™s work is at an all time high. Hollywood Trilogy will introduce readers to an entirely new facet of Carpentera€™s work, just waiting to be discovered by a contemporary audience.Some of the terrariums werelitalso. a€œNotthe coke ... Hell, people have tarantulas, pit bulls, fighting fish, why not make a fad of rattlesnakes? Shit ... The big diamondback in the terrarium slowly began to uncoil asRick watched with fascination.

Title:The Hollywood Trilogy
Author:Don Carpenter
Publisher:Counterpoint - 2014-08-18


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