The Home Office Handbook

The Home Office Handbook

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AN ORGANIZED HOME OFFICE IS WITHIN YOUR GRASP. Get a grip on your home office with these handy pointers! This handbook is for entrepreneurs, telecommuters, stay-at-home parents, and home-based business owners, complete with video bonus lessons and printable reference sheets online. YOU WILL LEARN: a€c Your own unique fingerprint for managing your choices about time a€c How a simple playground game can help you sort your paper piles a€c The five things you should review each week that will change your family life forever a€c How to choose the best space for your home office and find more storage a€c The one question you should ask before putting anything on your calendar a€œAs we manage our work+life fit, more of us will work and live in the same space, either on our own as an entrepreneur or remotely for someone else. The Home Office Handbook, by my go-to organizational guru Lorie Marrero, shows you how to create a home-based work environment that sets you up for personal and professional success. Must read!q Cali Williams Yost, Flexible Work Strategy Expert and Author of TWEAK IT: Make What Matter to You Happen Every Day qEven those of us who've never met a filing cabinet we liked will find tips in this handy book to keep the home office organized and make the most of our time. Lorie is practical and cheers all improvements without insisting you do anything that won't work with your life.q Laura Vanderkam, Author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast and 168 Hours qBeing organized is critical to growing your business fast. Lorie's book delivers specific actions you can apply immediately to get organized and stay there. This book is a must-read if you're ready to take your business to the next level.q Jason Dorsey, Bestselling Author, Y-Size Your Business Certified Professional OrganizerAr Lorie Marrero is the bestselling author of The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life. She is also the creator of, an innovative program allowing anyone to get expert help at an affordable price. Her organizing books and products are sold online and in retail stores nationwide. Lorie is a spokesperson for Goodwill Industries International, and she is a sought-after expert for national media such as CNBC, Family Circle, WGN News and Woman's Day. She has also served as a spokesperson for many other companies, including Staples, Brother, and Microsoft, and she writes regularly as an organizing expert for Good Housekeeping. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her human family and 30, 000 bee daughters in her backyard beehives. Learn more at clutterdiet.comUnsubscribe as you can and keep those principles in practice. ... If you are trying to get productive work done, email will be a constant interruption if you let it. ... If you simply must check your email, glance at your smartphone instead of getting into Outlook or Gmail on a bigger screen. ... if anything urgent has arrived and delete anything you can, otherwise you may be tempted to do more than check.

Title:The Home Office Handbook
Author:Lorie Marrero
Publisher:Greenleaf Book Group - 2013-04-16


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