The Home Orchard Handbook

The Home Orchard Handbook

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Crisp apples, tart lemons, lush figs, tender peachesa€”imagine the bounty of a late-summer farmera€™s market, right in your backyard! Learning how to plant and care for fruit trees is a desirable, accessible activity for a wide range of people. Ita€™s a natural extension of many gardenersa€™ repertoires, and the investment yields generations of results. Growing your own fruit ensures a fresh, delicious, abundant harvest for your family and friends for years to come. Fruit trees diversify a regiona€™s agricultural landscape and ecosystems, attracting pollinating bees, songbirds, and other desirable visitors. And cultivating orchards on your own decreases your reliance on grocery store distribution channels and boosts sustainability. Inside The Home Orchard Handbook, you'll find: a€”Strategies for choosing your orchard's site, taking into consideration soil quality, sun exposure, microclimates, drainage, and more a€”Information on plant selection, including what types of fruit trees do well in certain areas and how to decipher critical concepts such as qchill hours, q qcultivars, q qbareroot, q and qcross-pollinationq a€”Guidance on aftercare, including in-depth watering, composting, and preventative care schedules to keep your backyard orchard fruitful for years a€”Advice on troubleshooting diseases, conditions, and non-beneficial insects using only humane, organic remedies a€”General tips on jamming, dehydrating, storing, and otherwise making the most of your orcharda€™s harvest with delicious recipes from chefs Tal Ronnen and Diana Stobo Start growing your own fruit trees wherever you are with The Home Orchard Handbook!A Complete Guide to Growing Your Own Fruit Trees Anywhere Cem Akin, Leah Rottke ... Soil drainage must be very good to sharp for a summer planting to prevent root rots from attacking the new trees in the warm, wet soil. ... heel them in (lean them to one side, and lightly but completely cover the bare roots with some moist soil, straw, or sawdust) or use another type of marker to stand in their place.

Title:The Home Orchard Handbook
Author:Cem Akin, Leah Rottke
Publisher:Quarry Books - 2011-08-01


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