The Honey Bee

The Honey Bee

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Deborah Walsh is a talented university student who is growing tired of the gossip that goes on behind her back. Born with a limp, a curved chin, a crooked nose, and a hunchback, Deborah is all too familiar with exclusion and discrimination due to her physical abnormalities. As she attempts to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Deborah cannot help but wonder if she will ever be accepted for who she is on the inside, not the outside. Deborah s father raises honey bees as a hobby. Deborah s sister, Ruth, has her own set of struggles with her husband, Travis, who has left her and her children to fend for themselves. Their unusual family dynamics become even more complex when Deborah intervenes in an attempt to arrange a reconciliation between Ruth and Travis, all while continuing to seek fulfillment in her own life. As Deborah and her family members each tackle life-changing challenges, a real honey bee observes and commentates, offering a new perspective on human beings. The Honey Bee shares the tale of one woman s quest to carve out a new future for herself, despite the many hurdles that stand in her way. qThey probably feel that a woman is not cut out to walk in the apostlesa#39; shoes. ... coincidence that not far from where they were sitting they could hear two male students with their reaction to that same presentation making fun ofthe presenter.

Title:The Honey Bee
Author:Heribert Breidenbach
Publisher:Author House - 2014-02


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