The Hot Air Balloon Book

The Hot Air Balloon Book

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More than a century before the Wright brothersa€™ first flight, humans were taking to the skies in hot air balloons. Today, with basic craft skills, you can build and safely launch your own balloons using inexpensive, readily available materials. Author and inventor Clive Catterall provides illustrated, step-by-step instructions for eight different homemade models, as well as the science and history behind them. Some, like the Solar Tetroon or the Trash Bag Sausage, are made from plastic bags and tape. Others, like the Khom Loi or the Kongming Lantern, are built using tissue paper and wire. The Hot Air Balloon Book also shows readers ways to heat the interior air that lifts these balloons, from tea candles to hair dryers, kitchen toasters to the suna€™s warming rays. Always keeping safety in mind, the author includes detailed guidelines on when and where open flames are appropriate and the proper weather conditions to launch these lighter-than-air craft.Build and Launch Kongming Lanterns, Solar Tetroons, and More Clive Catterall. THE HOT AIR BALLOON BOOK 32 Hot Air Popcorn Maker Some models can be adapted to heat balloons very well. ... Ideally, use silicone adhesive to secure the end of the foil, or you can wrap parchment/ baking paper around the outside and anbsp;...

Title:The Hot Air Balloon Book
Author:Clive Catterall
Publisher:Chicago Review Press - 2013


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