The House of Dreams

The House of Dreams

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Having taken early retirement the author, David Charles, and his manic depressive wife Hazel, decide to rescue their failing marriage with disastrous results. Selling the majority of their belongings and buying an ageing car they drive to southern Spain, buy a plot of land on a mountain and, amid many adventures and setbacks, begin to build their new life. It is not long before Hazel's depression returns and in desperation she attempts to commit suicide. Rescued in the nick of time, and hospitalised, Hazel begins a course of psychiatric therapy but the treatment that is designed to cure her, and her marriage, backfires disastrously when she reveals her deep secret, which finally destroys the marriage and rips the family apart. qBlueInk Reviewsq 'The revelation of unbearable truths that leave Charles with the loneliness only the unhappily married can appreciate.'Having also heard our plans, but being less impressed, the local Toyota dealer agreed to sell Hazela#39;s RAV 4 for brokerage which also made ... A chap who unfortunately died of cancer in January 2002 had owned her and as a result of his illness a€œBritta€ had not been used since October 2001. ... He told me it would never be right but it was perfectly safe and should not present us with too many problems 46.

Title:The House of Dreams
Author:David Charles
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2012-10


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