The House without a Christmas Tree

The House without a Christmas Tree

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Ita€™s Christmastime in 1946, and all Addie wants is a pair of cowboy boots and a Christmas tree Ten-year-old Addie lives in Clear River, Nebraska, population fifteen hundred, with her stoic but loving father and quirky grandmother. Carla Mae is her neighbor and best friend in the fifth grade. Carla Maea€™s house is different than Addiea€™sa€”she has five siblings and another on the way, while Addie is an only child. Ita€™s the week before Christmas, and shopping lists are at the front of the girlsa€™ minds. Addiea€™s house doesna€™t have a treea€”her dad says they are a waste of money, and theya€™ll be opening presents at Uncle Willa€™s anyway. Uncle Will has a tree, but to Addie, it doesna€™t feel like Christmas without a tree of their own. Then she comes up with the perfect plan. Will it make this the best Christmas theya€™ve ever had, or will her father never forgive her?I was looking anxiously out the livingroom window, watching forhis truck in the driveway, whenBilly Wild came along ... At most of the houses along his route, he would just put the paper between the storm door and the inside door, or put it in a anbsp;...

Title:The House without a Christmas Tree
Author:Gail Rock
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-11-04


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