The Hunger for More: God, Gravity, and the Big Bang

The Hunger for More: God, Gravity, and the Big Bang

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THE BIG BANG is modern myth. It never occurred. It, and much of current science (particle physics) is but todaya€™s version of the Biblical Creation and Fall. In this book, Dr. Strassberg takes us on a journeya€”a voyage of understanding. By opening a portal to a different dimension, the book leaves the reader with a deeper insight into our world and the forces that shape it. The Hunger For More is an excursion into the realm of the very small (the quantum world of atoms and particles) and the exceedingly largea€”the universe with its awesome structure. As we travel, it allows us to make sense of what to Einstein was a€œspookya€ action at a distance, and helps us to unravel the ever-perplexing wavea€“particle enigma. It shows dark energy to be an illusion, inflation to be, essentially, infinitely impossible, and cosmic microwave background radiation (the supposed glue holding the Big Bang together) to be fundamentally misunderstood. It explores the concepts of force and time, finding an underlying essencea€”to those of science, gravity; to those of faith, God. It is an exciting adventure well worth taking.Big. Bang. E. INSTEINa#39; STHEORY OF RELATIVITY is discussed from the viewpoint of the constant, unreachable speed of light. ... Hubblea#39;s concept, an expanding universe, is discussed based on his finding of an increasing redshift with distance. ... both the discoverers of CMBR and dark energy were well deserved but given for the wrong reasons; they should have beenfor refuting, not proving, the BBT.

Title:The Hunger for More: God, Gravity, and the Big Bang
Author:Peter Strassberg, M.D.
Publisher:Full Court Press - 2014-12-30


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