The Imperatives of Urban and Regional Planning

The Imperatives of Urban and Regional Planning

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This book is comprised of articles and papers that have come about after years of academic and applied research endeavors of the practitioners and academicians in the field of urban and regional development planning. Most of these articles have already been presented and deliberated in national and international conferences held in different parts of the world, namely: Indianapolis, Newcastle upon Tyne, Rome, Istanbul, Cairo, Alexandria, Vienna, Stockholm, Jeddah, Riyadh, Jubail, Islamabad, Penang, and Bandung. The concepts and case studies described in this book bring home the fact that the world is undergoing a gyrational transition. Not only are developed and developing countries getting influenced by each other and transforming due to a process of circular causation, but each of the two sets of countries are also undergoing a simultaneous internal transformation due to the differential infusion of technology and indigenous entrepreneurship. As a consequence, highly diversified urban systems are getting integrated interactively, leading to the formation of a global village and achievement of a unity in diversity!... Manga, for carrying out explorative interviews with the travelers and transporters regarding the suburban commuters to and from Lahore. ... The analysis can be used to: analyze a problem systematically, (ii) develop alternative projects and programs, and (iii) identify a number of possible future states in a problem situation (Delp et al. 1977). References Rahmaan, Anis ur. 1999. The global city of the twenty-first ... Interregional and international transmission of economic growth.

Title:The Imperatives of Urban and Regional Planning
Author:Anis Ur Rahmaan
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011


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