The Imperial Messenger

The Imperial Messenger

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Debunking the bluster of New York Times columnist and capitalist apologist Thomas Friedman, as part of Versoa€™s new a€œCounterblastsa€ series. Factual errors, ham-fisted analysis, and contradictory assertionsa€”compounded by a penchant for mixed metaphors and name-droppinga€”distinguish the work of Pulitzer Prizea€“winning New York Times columnist and author Thomas Friedman. The Imperial Messenger reveals the true value of this media darling, a risible writer whose success tells us much about the failures of contemporary journalism. BelAcn FernAindez dissects the Friedman corpus with wit and journalistic savvy to expose newsroom practices that favor macho rhetoric over serious inquiry, a pacified readership over an empowered one, and reductionist analysis over integrity. The Imperial Messenger is polemic at its best, relentless in its attack on this apologist for American empire and passionate in its commitment to justice. About the series: Counterblasts is a new Verso series that aims to revive the tradition of polemical writing inaugurated by Puritan and leveller pamphleteers in the seventeenth century, when in the words of one of them, Gerard Winstanley, the old world was a€œrunning up like parchment in the fire.a€ From 1640 to 1663, a leading bookseller and publisher, George Thomason, recorded that his collection alone contained over twenty thousand pamphlets. such polemics reappeared both before and during the French, Russian, Chinese and Cuban revolutions of the last century. In a period of conformity where politicians, media barons and their ideological hirelings rarely challenge the basis of existing society, ita€™s time to revive the tradition. Versoa€™s Counterblasts will challenge the apologists of Empire and Capital.... and the Arab/Muslim world is in fact geopolitically irrelevant: a€œI found myself looking out the window of the Secretary of ... since other methods of putting a stop to the war have not worked, a€œwea#39;re going to have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Title:The Imperial Messenger
Author:Belén Fernández
Publisher:Verso Books - 2011-11-01


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