The Impossible Advantage

The Impossible Advantage

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Conventional business strategies tell you that differentiation, the right positioning, and defining your superior edge will turn you into the a€˜best playera€™ in your market a€“ but this is wrong. The Impossible Advantage reveals that success can be achieved by changing the market in which you operate, rather than trying to beat the competition. The authors illustrate that the biggest, most spectacular and groundbreaking business success stories feature companies that make the rules a€“ instead of just following them. The best companies seem to know how to break, change, or reinvent the rules of the market that everyone else follows. This book: Will help you to break through to an entirely new level of thinking: winning the game by changing the rules in your own favour. Explains that you dona€™t need a technological breakthrough, product innovation or a massive marketing budget to change the rules of the competition. Shows you that you can become a a€²game changera€² and gain a seemingly a€˜impossiblea€™ advantage even over far larger competitors, no matter how large your market or how small your segment is. Introduces you to four compelling a€˜Game Changing Strategiesa€™ that work for managers from any industry or business sector. For more information on The Impossible Advantage, go to the official website: but what he did was nothing less than lay the foundations for a completely new market in Europe: budget air travel. ... rid of free peanuts, not because they were particularly expensive, but rather because they increased cabin cleaning costs.

Title:The Impossible Advantage
Author:Wolfram Wördemann, Andreas Buchholz, Ned Wiley
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2010-03-18


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