The Infinity Option

The Infinity Option

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This fact-based book informs us that danger awaits Earth. On December 31, 2009, NASA's Voyager interstellar space probe reported a hydrogen cloud into which we will be plunged for what may be tens of thousands of years. This cloud threatens all life on Earth because hydrogen neutral and positive particles will pass through the solar system's protective magnetic barrier and cause solar flares and, when reaching Earth's atmosphere, will explosively combine with oxygen to create worldwide floods. Irene Moreau, PhD, formerly of the Voyager program, and a small group of other scientists propose a defense that requires worldwide cooperation. Neuroscience's recent discoveries show that Buddhist meditative practice produces human brain gamma waves, which in turn produce compassionate impulses, creativity, and alpha waves that produce thinking. A Buddhist neuroscientist, Shinjiro Miroku, teams up with Moreau, and these recent scientific discoveries create a thrilling, educational, and inspiring story.Youa#39;re so hungry your stomach hurts, and you feel like crying. You dona#39;t have it good like two boys named Dru and Tyler. Youa#39;re little boys in Uganda who dona#39;t have any food and can only suckle warm mothera#39;s milk.a€– a€•Whata#39;s suckle ... They dona#39;t have to drink warm milk, do they? ... What about the curdled milk they use?

Title:The Infinity Option
Author:Howard Prager
Publisher:American Book Publishing - 2012-06-01


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